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Meet Our Makers


Tara (Owner)

Hello, my name is Tara, I started Hand Stamped Whimsy & Crystals just a few short years ago. I started out hand stamping metal as a creative outlet to help cope with grief. As I honed my skills, I began incorporating crystals & gemstones into my jewelry and well… that escalated quickly… into a full crystal shop. I’ve been a rock hound all my life, so it seems I’ve finally found my way to my true calling. 


Once I gained more confidence, I began attending craft shows & events. It was here, that I learned just how many talented makers we have in our local community!  So. Much. Talent! 


I lost my sister in January, 2022 & promised her I would do all the things she wasn’t able to do.  I thought this would mostly mean traveling & living my best life. She shared with me her dream of having a small shop for her refinished furniture where anyone could find a bargain & feel welcome... I never set out to be a small business owner, but eventually i gave in & listened to this persistent nudge. I began to talk about it with a few talented ladies I know, and within weeks it became a reality.  


We opened our doors at Locale Makers Market on June 17, 2022. Our collaborative approach has been a wonderfully unique experience & I’ve gained many new friends.  Our makers inspire me with their creativity, kindness, innovation, optimism & bravery! 


I am blown away by the incredible support from our community ♥️🖤 Thank you for supporting local!

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Hello!! My name is Amie Zick, & I am the owner of Sassy ScentZ & Decor located at Locale Makers Market. I am married and have 2 children and 1 step-son. My son is in the Military, my daughter is a Junior in High School & my step son works full time in the Accounting field. 


I refurbish furniture & home decor, sell essential oil products, and clothing. I have always loved to refurbish and create things from old to new. My essential oil products are used for household cleaning and other healthy uses like headaches, tummy issues, anxiety, etc.


I have kept myself busy by painting or mixing my essential oils into useful products which I enjoy it tremendously! I love seeing my products/projects going to happy customers! 


This week I presented the benefits of essential oils and how to use them. The class made their own seasonal allergy roller at Friday Memorial Library in New Richmond, WI. I love to teach others the benefits of essential oils. 


To create and refurbish furniture is a passion and a pleasure especially when a happy customer takes it home! I also take requests to refurbish furniture. 

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Hi  My name is Christy and I live in Minnetonka.  I create one of a kind flannel shirts and jean jackets for kids and adults. Much of my original work had a music theme , thus the name " Rockin' Rogue"  All of my designs are made from upcycled and vintage items. The creativity that goes into finding the perfect two pieces to join together is my favorite part.  I do custom work as well and can even breathe life into that old concert T-shirt or jean jacket in the back of your closet!  I'm very excited to be joining the Locale Makers Market in Stillwater. The energy is great here and being featured with so many talented artists is exciting! 

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Hey! Heidi here! Owner/maker with Butterfly Designs. You will find my tumblers at Locale Makers Market in Stillwater, MN. However, I can also create a custom design for yourself or to give as a gift. I live in North St Paul, MN with my fiancé Todd, our children, and our black lab Remington. I was introduced to sublimation during the pandemic when my work was shut down for several months. I also own a small hair salon in Vadnais Heights, MN. Butterfly Salon Suite.I enjoy working with customers to create the perfect image for your drink tumbler. Or you can choose from the thousands of designs I already have. Email me with any questions or ideas! Join my private Facebook group to see many other gifts available.      @ Butterfly Designs VIP

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Hi, my name is Kaia, I am a full time college student and entrepreneur.  I have always had a flair for all things luxury... why would my candles be any different?!  I create luxury candles using a hemp blend wax and use only certified natural scent oils and wicks.  Using top-of-the-line products ensures you are breathing in nothing but clean, delectable air. Stop in to Locale to see what's new!

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Hey there! I'm Steph, and I'm thrilled to join the vibrant community of makers at Local Maker’s Market!  Mixing my creativity with industrial mediums like cement and concrete, I craft functional, sustainable artwork, including statues, figurines, planters, and more!  As a lifelong sculptor and painter, I adore infusing everyday spaces with unique pieces made from less common materials. Stay tuned as I introduce exciting new creations to Local Maker’s Market in the coming months! Come swing by and discover the magic firsthand!

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Chester & Anna

Hi, we are Chester & Anna. At This'NThat, we focus on creating eclectic, fun, and useful items that you don't see everyday - from discarded or all natural items. We up-cycle glass, crystal, pottery, and more to create unique bird feeders and birdhouses.   Anna resurrects the ancient art of broom-making to create one-of-a-kind cobweb brooms, whisk brooms, Besom brooms, cast iron pot-scrubbers, and more - all from naturally grown and harvested items!  I enjoy working with wood and the wood lathe, not only in creating pens, bottle stoppers, seam ripper's, and much more from local and exotic woods - but also in coaxing and creating those items that are hiding in a piece of discarded/felled wood.  We welcome custom orders! We do not have a website, but you may contact us via email to request custom orders.

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Hi! I'm Kelly Caliguri.  I'm a native Iowan who, after spending two decades in the Twin cities, have relocated my family to rural Western Wisconsin and we love it!  

When my oldest daughter Josie developed eczema at 5 months, I was unable to find a natural lotion to ease her symptoms. As a mother and engineer, I began to formulate a specialty lotion I could feel good about putting on my baby. I saw an immediate improvement on her skin. When my second daughter Bella was born, so was the Bella Josie brand - a line of natural products made in Wisconsin for my family and yours.

My signature products include an anti-aging skin care line (my secret weapon for the past decade) as well as several other personal care products.  Each product is specifically formulated with all natural ingredients to work synergistically with your skin.  I hope you love them as much as I do!



    Spirit Delights is a unique eco-friendly company that crafts candles from recycled and repurposed spirit bottles filled with cocktail-inspired scents.
    About Me
    After decades of corporate America and raising my two children (but always a crafter at heart), I now have a chance to put my artist skills to work. My husband and I live in Minnetonka, MN and this is also where I set up shop!  
    Our Process
    I start by collecting donated and recycled glass bottles, carefully selected to preserve the essence of the spirits they once held. Each vessel is hand-cut and hand-sanded to transform these bottles into stunning candle vessels.
    Our Scents
    I then hand-pour upcycled bottles with a premium soy wax, infused with cocktail inspired fragrance oils that conjoins with the spirit and bottle. Each scent is a custom creation. I aim to translate the layers from the liquor, fruit and spices and create a cocktail inspired scent for the candle.
    Spirit Delights has a deep commitment to sustainability but also giving back to those who serve our nation. By repurposing and upcycling old bottles, we aim to reduce waste and create something new and usable. We are also proud supporters of our military community. We donate a portion of our sales to the Believet Canine Service Partners. This wonderful organization provides highly trained service dogs, free of charge to disabled veterans to help them lead a more productive life. With your purchase (or empty bottle donation) you not only bring the charm of candles into your home but also contribute to a noble cause.
    Thank you for being a part of my passion and story. I hope to illuminate homes, hearts, and the lives of all, while thanking those who bravely serve our nation.
    Raise a glass and cheers to sustainable living and join us on this remarkable journey – welcome to Spirit Delights!

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    Amy P.

    Hello, My name is Amy.  I am the card and paper crafter behind Amy P StampNScrap. I am a wife and mother (1 daughter and 1 son). I am excited to share my creations of cards, frames, journals and other items made with paper with all of you at Locale Makers Market.  
    I have been creating cards for over 15 years. I started this hobby just to make cards for my family and friends. To send something special to the many people in our lives who mean the most. A small handmade card goes a long way. I host a small group in my home once a month to stamp cards for their families. Since I started this journey I have had the pleasure of making wedding invitations, shower invites and selling my cards. When I had the opportunity to add cards and such to Local Makers shop, I couldn’t resist.  What started as a hobby has certainly grown and I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my husband! 
    Come and check out my Facebook page:  Amy P StampNScrap This is where I share cards that we have created at classes and other items I am working on. I usually don’t make more than 5 of each card, so if there is something you see that you are interested in, I am more than happy to recreate for you.

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    Hi, I’m Brittany! I’m the owner of Gold & Eight. Gold & Eight provides high-quality, affordable gold-filled permanent jewelry in the St. Croix Valley area.

    Permanent jewelry is a timeless way to mark your moment. Whether it’s a life-changing trip, a milestone in your life, the birth of a child, a meaningful relationship or connection, or a promise to yourself… your jewelry is a gentle reminder of that moment. It is a classic statement piece that goes with every outfit, you’ll never have to struggle to put it on or worry about losing it. It’s custom-fitted for you. You can stack multiple or wear one. Every stack combination is unique. Just like you.

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    Did you know we have some pretty great holistic health options at locale?! AJ is a Energy Healer. We are fortunate to have many of her products available in our shop, but she also practices reiki & other modalities at her own shop Peppermint Theory in Somerset. She also believes in healing yourself naturally by utilizing what the earth provides. She makes different smudge sprays, sage/herb bundles for naturally clearing the air. Did you know that burning sage releases negative ions improving mood as well as naturally disinfecting the air by killing up to 94% of airborn bacteria?! It’s a must for every household! 
    There is a wonderful variety of options available at both of our shops and she even carries locally sourced CBD And herbal tinctures in our Somerset shop! 
    Whether you're a tea aficionado or simply looking to explore new flavors, our shop offers a wide variety to suit every taste bud. Our teas are carefully selected from local farmers who prioritize sustainable and organic practices. We believe in supporting the community and promoting the benefits of consuming locally sourced products.
    Indulge in the rich aromas of our loose-leaf teas. From classic black teas to soothing herbal blends, we have something for everyone. Sip on a cup of our refreshing Happy Hippy tea, hand-picked from the nearby farms, and experience a burst of summer with every sip. If you prefer a bold flavor, our Womens Intuition  will awaken your senses.
    In addition to our tea selection, we offer a wide range of locally sourced herbs. From culinary herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary to medicinal herbs such as chamomile, lavender, and echinacea, our shelves are stocked with the finest quality herbs to enhance your cooking or promote your well-being. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you in choosing the right herbs for your needs and offer tips on how to incorporate them into your  daily routine.

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    Hi, I'm Adrian, the proud owner of Fancy Bee Beauty, a small skincare business based out of Minnesota. Prior to venturing into the world of skincare, I dedicated 19 years of my life as a 911 dispatcher, serving and assisting my community.

    In 2020, amidst the challenges of the Covid pandemic, I decided to follow my passion and start Fancy Bee Beauty. Drawing from my experience as a 911 dispatcher, where I witnessed the importance of self-care and the need for moments of tranquility, I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey to create a line of skincare products that prioritize nourishment and well-being. I had my products in Locale in 2022, but life happens & I scaled back for a time. I’m back now & ready to share my carefully curated products with you!

    At Fancy Bee Beauty, I believe that self-care is not just a luxury, but a necessity. My mission is to enhance your natural beauty and promote self-confidence through my carefully crafted skincare line. I understand that taking care of oneself is not always easy, especially when juggling the responsibilities of being a parent, a spouse and an employee. That's why my products are designed to be accessible and effective, allowing you to indulge in moments of self-care that rejuvenate both your skin and soul.

    With a focus on clean and natural ingredients, my products are formulated to deliver results without compromising on your health, the environment or your paycheck. I am committed to promoting sustainability and luxury skincare, that won’t break the bank! 

    Thank you for joining me on this journey of self-care and natural beauty. I am excited to be a part of your skincare routine and help you embrace your inner radiance.

    I’ll see you soon at Locale Makers Market! Stop in and say hello!

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    Mark & Janice 

    My name is Mark and together with Janice, my lovely wife of 25 years, we are the people behind No Limit Innovations.  Currently at No Limits we primarily work on 3D printed items with plans to expand into even more creative and custom items.  With a motto of “The Only Limitation is Imagination” we have so many ways to grow as a creative team and small business. With the help of Locale Makers Market we have managed to get our foot in the door with endless opportunities to grow.  We look forward to continuing our journey drawing inspiration from every and any aspect of life. 

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    Hello! My name is Tonja and I am the owner of Lolly May Crochet. I have always loved crafting, and in 2021 I decided to re-learn how to crochet. What started out as crocheting toys for my kids, turned into a growing small business. I sell handmade crochet stuffed animals. I also design and sell my own crochet patterns. I truly love to crochet and put love into each item. My crochet items are fun for all ages. Whether it's a cuddly stuffed animal for a baby gift or an emotional support animal for yourself. I am so excited to be joining Locale Makers Market. I hope my crochet brings you joy!

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    At Locale Makers Market, we strive to provide the best possible customer service. If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are available via phone, email, or in-person during our store hours. We value your feedback and suggestions, and we are always looking for ways to improve. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement.

    Privacy & Safety


    We take your privacy and safety very seriously at Locale Makers Market. We only collect the personal information necessary to fulfill your order and provide you with the best possible service. We do not share your personal information with any third-party companies without your explicit consent. We use secure payment gateways to process all transactions and ensure that your payment information is always kept safe. We also use SSL encryption to protect all data transmitted through our website.


    If you are interested in selling your handmade goods in our store, please contact us for more information. We offer competitive wholesale pricing and are always looking for new retail partners to collaborate with.We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service to all of our retail partners. Join our community of local artists and makers today!


    All products are sold In-Store.

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